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Damn, dis some high quality stuff, i was not expecting any voices or really that much tbh but damn was i wrong and happy that i was. Again, top notch


The game currently sits at my number 1 game I have ever played in itch, for me the plot is really written so well where it HONESTLY kept me entertained until i reach the end of the current update, good job for this masterpiece it never disappointed me ever since the first release of the first version. 

Also I can't seem to unlock the 2nd to the last scene in (sex scenes) and the last scene in (cutscenes) is it prolly because I went wrong with some of the choices? 


Hi, I'm so glad you liked it so much!

To unlock those scenes you have to go back and choose Corth as the first planet to go to

Does the story change at all? I see that if I pick Corth the destination changes to a planet instead of the ship, meaning Emily don't heart about that name?

It changes that part of the story, but it converges into one storyline after that

Agreed. Its a really good game.


Made my day, because of Steve the JANITOR. 🤣


the main menu sound fire sounds like its straight outta ghostrunner 


When is 0.6 coming to the public?


1 week later, you can see that with the 0.5 updates in the dev log posts.

Actually it's two weeks, February 4. 0.5 came a week earlier to not clash with the release of the new Being a DIK update

My apologies, I forgot that bit of information. Keep up the great work!

I should stop answering those kinds of questions :/


No please feel free to keep answering them, I have trouble keeping up sometimes :)


Very much enjoying the game. The animation and renders are very well done and the humor is a nice touch. Can't wait to play more!


Me like very much, 69/10 would play again.


Very great game I can tell a lot of passion went into this game, the music is nice, the animation and cutscene all look super well-made, and the characters all have nice designs.

The bad about this game are few, but they are there.

The voice actors in this game are not good. Like, the only person who really does well in her role is Ashe, but that's easy because she is super monotone. I cringe every time I hear their voice acting. (although since this in not only an indie game, but a PORN indie game, it makes sense not having the resource of good voice actors.)

The other is that I feel like this a story with some sex scenes in it, not enough sexy times, I hope that you will improve on this in future updates. 

But besides some flaws, this game is amazing! And I hope you continue on it! You deserve a well-earned score and a follow! I hope this Projekt continues!~


The voice actors are doing fine

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HELP !!!!!!

Why I can't find the save file in my phone I just finished the game and wanted to copie the file to my memory card for the next update but I can't find it 

I play on an adroid

If u have a new phone like Android 12, u gonna need a app to do it because with the default archiver app u can't do it , I recommend u zarchiver , u gonna look for the android folder then the data folder, before that u gonna need to save in the game to find faster, next u gonna change the way look the archives, u gonna put new archive first, and the u gonna find the archives probably the first archives is gonna be some google thing, try to find some one that says projeck passion o clammsy lemon 

Can't describe it!


this is absolutely incredible.  BAD was my first AVN and I was beginning to think I would never find anything better. This has moved to my new favorite. Amazing animation and the story is captivating but also funny! I was actually laughing out loud. Amazing game I cant express it enough.

Not sure if I'm stupid, but what is B.A.D?

of course you're not lol. Being a  DIK. pretty popular AVN on steam. Very high quality


Awesome VN! The hard work involved with this game shows with the animations and dialogue(Something that I rarely see in visual novels).  The story is really good and compelling with multiple different paths to choose. Lots of bonus content as well! 

Yes I play AVNs for the plot. 


Wish I could refund my purchase of cyberpunk 77 and throw it your way instead lol. Feels like the same universe except yours has an actual story and every cutscene isnt filled with tposing models flyinf about and a headless main character. 

More seriously, great work with this. Another year or so of updates and id put this as probably the top sci-fi vn on itch! Maybe less time than that since updates for this are super frequent (atleast in comparison to other apps on here).

Making huge strides after the Inferno game. Protagonist suffers a little bit from power fantasy ego, but animation is great, scene setup tells an interesting story, and the effort really shows; there's a lot of talent on display here! Can't wait for the next release

What a blast!


This game is a true gem on this page ! The story is funny and you want go further and further to uncover it's secrets . If you are only here to FAP then go away because this story needs to be seen and not to be skipped away . If you are looking for something good with great animations and in my opinion so far the best videos inside a VN then you are in the right place and in for a treat! 

Thanks to the dev for this game i can't wait for the next update 🤩🤩🤩

just started playing and so far it’s been pretty good, but I got a question when ever I get a scene like the first blowjob one at night the animation starts then stops after a line or two is that normal? 

I have also noticed this, I’ve just started and it’s amazing, it’s just the sexual scenes aren’t very long or looped so once it ends you kinda have to go to the next scene to see anything


That shouldn't be the case. I'll take a look and see if I can find anything, but honestly it might be difficult because I can't really replicate the problem. What are you playing on?


I am playing on iOS, I know the game isn’t available for ios so I got this thing called scarlet which allows me to download it as an app, I’ve only played one of two other games with it but they seemed fine.

love this very funny. well done

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How do you get emily's scene? I got everyon elses scnee except hers. Is there a guide I can get? Also went ahead and wishlished the game on steam! Im excited for the full season 1!

Nevermind I found it


This is the best visual novel youll find


I second this

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I love this game. I missed one scene and was wondering how to unlock it. Its the first one on the final page. Any tips? Thanks! 

edit: Its the 13th scene 


When choosing which planet to go to earlier, choose the other one than the one you picked first


Bruh...I pissed myself...thanks 👍

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Absolutely Beautiful Game, you mad such a wonderful game most famous game studio won't come up with idea like this, the story the drama the sad scenes the perfect choice of music, Lot of respect to the developer , My Favourite character is kaylee and ashe 

Please develop further we will help you for sure 

Thank you :) 

Edit we like to see more with ashe and kaylee story cause her story line is amazing 


is there a walkthrough for this game?

I have to say this is an amazing work. Once again a great story and characters and this time also full of jokes that really made me smile. Poor Ashe though. :( Keep this up, so far it's very very good!


Sir sir I have to say you have blown my mind you sir have blown my mind okay first off the intro sequence was amazing second of all I want to thank your voice actors in your hard work and making the characters look and move and feel like human beings second of all that ninja fight scene was awesome dude you made it every character feel like they would be a actual thing in real life even though some of them aren't real every female looks like a real female and when the sex scenes are happening it feels like two human beings actually doing the deed instead of all the other games I have played where it's ambiguous where the dick is entering or less detail wow playing the game the vagina actually works like it would in real life bro I am dumbfounded how you did this how you programmed it to be this way but I know it must have took some hard work and I'm thankful for it I am thankful to you because For the Longest Time I only thought animated games like this I mean hand drawn games like this was the only games were able to get it right but you sir have proved me wrong and I'm so glad I was proven wrong on this day May Lord bless you and your family and your crew Merry Christmas happy holidays or even happy Hanukkah if you don't celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah just have a wonderful year spending time with your family friends and giving gifts to each other to show how much you appreciate them goodbye sir you have made me proud but if you are a woman I am so sorry I called you a sir ma'am

How long is gameplay?

play it and find out

Great VN so far, keep it up! Tried it out for free first, but now I'm going to pay for it, since it's absolutely deserved.

Thats very kind, thank you!

what's a ready nice game! But i need chinese,my english only can understand some easy words.  please add chinese 

My plan is to add a Chinese translation when I release it to Steam

Really? I'll play your game in Steam.

How do I get the 14th sex scene and the final cutscenes? Anyway what a masterpiece!


Thank you! To get those scenes you have to pick Corth when choosing which planet to go to first

Great VN! Awesome character depth and artwork. Can't wait for the next update.

Great game cant seem to figure out how to unlock sex scene 11.


That's the bonus scene for 0.4. You should be able to unlock it by going to Achievements and clicking the one called Part IV

Played the game for a while, and I loved it. The animations alone are enough to make me reccommend the game, and the characters are really likable, too.


Really glad you liked it, thanks! :)

Everything about this game is perfect. 10/10. Firstly, how do i go about contributing on patreon? Secondly, how will we know when the new content is available and the story continues? Absoutely BRILLIANT work! Please keep it up!

Glad you like it, and thanks for your willingness to support me. You just go to, and pick a tier depending on how much you want to contribute.

When a new update is ready I'll post it everywhere I can, Patreon, Discord, Twitter, shouldn't be hard to see :)

Loving the game can't wait for more. Just wondering does the type of speech you use (normal, funny, angry) have any affect as have played through the update and haven't unlocked 1 lewd scene or the cut scene but can't see that I missed anything. 

The colored choices don't affect the story, only the general tone of your character. There are two different paths this update depending on which planet you went to first in the previous update. You need to pick Corth first to unlock that scene and the cutscene. :)

where did you get the music from?

nvm, saw it in the credits

got to say That this is impressive and keep up the good work. the only things that need fixing are some minor performance issues but other then that its solid, keep up the good work!

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truly an amazing game! Great story, dialogues were really good, not too much or too boring either, the touch of humour was just perfect and the animations was just unbelievable good, wow! 10/10! I can't wait to see where this goes. As of characters you really did a great job there as well, their personalities are really different but it's not shoved down our throats and there isn't these typical stereotypes most games use (like the blonde bimbo with big tits or the edgy black haired goth girl who secretly only wants to feel loved). Emilys story actually touched me. Bravo!


Thanks man, really glad you enjoyed it so much!

wow this is a hidden gem, those animations were smooth, love it


Cheers, glad you like it!

Love what you're doing with the game and how you fleshed out Ashe's backstory in the most recent update

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