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i love it, it has a good story, sexy times and a lot of humor which i really appreciate. I can recommend it to everybody.


oh yes, I especially laughed out loud when Sandra stole Frans' energy core. Great timing and excellent visuals.

Looking forward to see the plot unfold, Lemon!


Bro its Hilarious and the MC thinking the Core is a Rave stick is the cherry on top for me


Thank you! :)

just played 0.2version pretty good keep up the good work:D

Glad you liked it!

Great game, cant wait for updates. Other than bugs, thats the worst part about new games

It's definitely a great start to the game (very little actually happens, it's mostly humour and set up). The one complaint I have is the voice acting. The voice acting, especially for the cowboy, is so strange. It feels quite stilted and unnatural? It kinda reminds me of the voice acting in Hunt Down the Freeman. I'd also say something about him always wearing a mask, even while eating and drinking, but I imagine that's meant to be humourous.

Yo I came here to fap what is all this amazing humor, stupidly well animated cutscenes and *actual voice acting* doing in my porn?

Witty as well as interesting.  Rich story.

Short intro but has great potential. I like the humor!


This game is absolutly awesome . Can't wait to see more of it .


It's cute! I want to see more of it. 


Artin is the coolest space cowboy I've played as. The coolest in the west, east, north and south, even UP!!! Maybe down... I dunno. Steve the electrician is kinda goated and looks like a snack. 12/10, because I am 12 inches.

things are finally looking up! I love this game.


Excellent game, I downloaded it for free, because honestly many of these games lately have been kind of shitty. This game is a gem. I plan to pay $20 for the next installment and to support it from there. Cool futuristic concept, AAA level graphics, and very well written. Great job!


Thanks for the support, much appreciated!

wtf, this game so futurelistic, really loveee this game with animation, graphic and stuff, hope for sex scene more, and thanks we appreciate for dev like you can make this game for us, im keep up the next update

This was a fantastic start to what seems like a really promising game.  I loved that it had some cheesy voice acting in the cutscenes and the characters all seem interesting so far.  

I will be following this project with great interest

Pretty damn good so far...

not much to say beyond that as of right now, haven't play enough of it to form a solid opinion, but I do like what I've seen and read. I would love to hear more voice acting if possible, just the right amount of comedy while staying serious enough to keep in the the fantasy of being the character. :D

I was suprised, the first novel that really kept me reading.
I love the humor, the story and the graphics... and the voiceovers especially! Very well done, looking forward for more ^^

Me kill for shineys!

My only suggestion witch is a personal preference would be, once you get your own place basically where this version ends, would be freedom to move around the city, visit ppl and flirt / fuck ect based off affinity. Encounters to gain affection, events, mini games. Some work to do that has various outcomes to make money, in game store for outfits and cosmetics, something to keep the game with even more to do to keep us playing. I like a grind to get some dope store stuff.  For reference, Once a porn a time did an pretty great job with all of this I just wish their scenes were smoothly animated. So far nothing has beat harem hotel in my book but I'm sure once a few updates for this drop this is gonna be the best of the best. It's already very close and this is just the start of this one 


Man this game has amazing animated cinematics, very high quality smooth detailed animations, funny ass story, great character design and even side character design, it's got a good amount of content for a first version release, but it's the animated cinematics with voice acting that take the trophy for me. Flawless work homies. Please keep this game going for years.

Love what I played so far. The humor the style and the over all feel of the game is amazing can't wait to play more.

Very interesting game, and I have enjoyed playing!

Dude I fucking love this character and game so much already and it's only version 1. I enjoy the dialogue options that are reminisce of dragon age 2 dialogue choices, the voice acting is amazing (man do I wish I could sound like him), the animations are smooth, and best of all the MC just has me laughing my ass off at unexpected moments. I was on the verge of tears when the intern took down those big furry creatures and he just lost his shit with them because the hulking behemoths of muscle were taken down by a girl with a pistol who was a fucking intern! Keep up the awesome work classy lemon honestly can't wait for the next update.

Cheers man, glad you found it funny :)

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[v0.1] = Good start. Very short so far.
I've seen much worse comedy writing, but humor is such a subjective thing.

+ I like that I can pick  dialog options other than sarcastic "humor"
+ Animations and voice acting is top-tier. You nailed the effective eye-contact during the android scene. The minor shifts of her pupils really brings the character to life.
+ Static scenes for dialog are still fluid and full of interesting background details that don't distract too much.
+ Effective story hook. I feel 100% vested in the plot.

~ The Comedy
It isn't super cringe, but IMO, there's a bit too much of the "low-effort" gags. The secret base is literally labeled secret base, the mercenary store is labeled mercenary store. The forbidden door is labeled forbidden door. ha. ha. Get it?
Seriously, you have a good framework and some interesting character setups. I've said it above, humor is subjective, but I feel some of the LOOK HOW RANDOM WE ARE parts partially undo the believability in your world-building. They are speed-bumps that dumb everything down and pull me out of your story.
The honorable group of amulet hunters is a great example of what works for me. There's a set up, there is thought put into them, they have a purpose, and their antics aren't over-the-top cringe.

All this being said, it's still light years ahead of many other visual novels I've found on this site in terms of attempted humor. Take my criticism/advice, or leave it. It is all my opinion anyway.

- No unforgivable sins other than I wish this was farther along. Just enough content to make me feel shocked/disappointed when it ran out.

Cheers man. Thanks for the feedback! :)

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"The secret base is literally labeled secret base, the mercenary store is labeled mercenary store. The forbidden door is labeled forbidden door. ha. ha. "

This is the most annoying nitpicking I think I've ever seen about a game. Could you not find something to criticize besides that?


It's the only thing worth criticizing, IMO. It's low-effort writing. This constructive criticism is under all the wonderful pros listed and followed up with:
"All this being said, it's still light years ahead of many other visual novels I've found on this site in terms of attempted humor."

Believe it or not, I'm trying to help the publisher with my honest opinion about what did and didn't work for me personally, not nitpick. They directly asked for feedback.

Perhaps internet message boards are not the best place for you, emotionally.

"It's the only thing worth criticizing, IMO. It's low-effort writing." Which is it? Is there nothing worth criticizing or is it low effort?

You don't seem to understand words.
So, I guess I will wish you the best of luck.


was gonna write something similar to this. so I might aswell just like your post and hope that it stays up for people to read

Great game.

Very promising start! I'm liking the story so far and the humor and animations are great. Can't wait for the next update!

So far so good. Sci-fi setup is nice and not so seen in adult game here.

Good So far.  The comedy adds a fun element can't wait to see how the story develops  

Really good, i like this game and your job, can't wait for the next update..

It's good, but a little bit too much on the funny side for me.

Really good

might be my first comment on this website  - gotta admit, clever dialogue, great animations. keep up the good work.

Not commenting a lot.

But the humour in this one is really good. Had a blast playing.

Great start! I'm really excited for this!


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You made another good one here (loved After the Inferno as well). The humor is on point, and I'll definitely be following this one closely. Keep up the good work!

Cheers man, glad you liked it!

What I want to know is how is he going to eat that pizza with his mouth covered like that? XD

The humor in this game is great. Wasn't familiar with your work before this but if the quality of this is anything to go by I'll definitely be checking out After the Inferno! Can't wait to see more and how the story will progress!

Cheers, glad you found it funny!

This some good game my guy. Keep it up!

Thank you! :)


I think i'll like it less than after the inferno. The comedy part of it is a bit too much for my taste. Still, great animation, cute girls, and the story doesn't seem bad either...

Seem to be interesting. Downloading it now. Thanks!

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