Weekly(ish) Teaser - March 9

I'm customizing a lot of environmental assets to give the places you visit a touch of my own creativity. So a lot of places you see are those you won't find in other VNs, which I hope is to everyone's liking. Here is a teaser of one of the places I'm most happy with so far.

That's all I had for this week. Cheers, take care!

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Love the game when is the next update?

I recently discovered your game thanks to Artemis game and recent post on their Patreon and I LOVE IT! I don't know why never came as a recommendation here in Itch.io, because it is fantastic. Thank you


Probably because the Itch algorithm is trash :ShadesEmoji:

Glad you like it!

Keeping us up to date is so great. When you put the finished game on Steam, this will create a lot of talk!