Version 0.6 - Free Release

Patch notes:
- Continuation of the story
- 643 new renders
- 7 new lewd animations
- 2 new cutscenes
- Updated the UI

This is the final free release, hope you'll enjoy. Cheers, take care!


com.classylemon.projektpassion-release.apk 352 MB
Version 11 51 days ago
ProjektPassion-0.6-linux.tar.bz2 1 GB
Version 10 51 days ago 1 GB
Version 9 51 days ago 1 GB
Version 9 51 days ago

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If your forcing people to pay a monthly subscription for less than monthly updates to play your game you need to get banned off of itch and Patreon definitely going to petition Patreon to update there rules policy for this kind of stuff. If your offering it as a one time fee or even a small fee per update I can understand that but forcing people to pay you every month to develop.

It will be a one time purchase, I'm sure how much though.

So much fun!

Will there be a paid version going forward from here?

on his patreon, yeah.


I meant, a paid version here.  Like a one-time payment of $30 or whatever.  I'm not going to pay a monthly fee to play a game.


There will be a one-time payment version here that will give access to all of Season 1 and future Season 2 updates.

Awesome!  Great to hear it.  Thanks, and keep up the good work.


Fun while it lasted. Goodbye.

why the hostility lol

cause' it won't be free anymore.

tbf the quality is a lot higher than a lot of other similar games so i can fully understand why

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I'm not being hostile, I'm just saying goodbye. I reviewed more games on Itch than 99% of other players and this was my favorite by far, so I'm biting my tongue and being 1000 times more friendly than usual. But now I have little reason to stay here, so goodbye. All the sadistic pedonazi Itch trolls can now rejoice and continue jerking off to images of cops raping children. Goodbye, Lemon, stay classy.

Well, I bit my tongue for a month and now I'm bored so I'll complain. The last update made the story too morally ambiguous. Before, MC was more obviously in the right, trying to recover what was stolen by a corrupt and murderous corporation, but now SAC has become more of a morally ambiguous gray area filled with obviously psychotic tyrants as well as almost likeable anti-heroes.  Now there are no good guys, it makes the main characters look bad.