Version 0.6 - Patreon Release

Patch notes:
- Continuation of the story
- 643 new renders
- 7 new lewd animations
- 2 new cutscenes
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Thank you Lemon for continuing this great project!

when is the public release?


February 4

nice. Gonna wait patiently then ☺️


Big news for Patreon, don't see why purchasers need to know, to be honest.


Because Itch users might want early access as well.

The game is still free until 0.7


And if you have already bought it on

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Any payments until now have been donations. And while I am extremely grateful for every one of them I can't offer anything extra for it.

However if allows it I will of course make the game available for those who have already paid the required amount. I wouldn't want anyone to have to pay twice for it. I'm gonna contact their support to see how it works


Thank you. But this just shows why so many don't pay and just download. Paying the requested amount causes problems like this.....


You're too kind, I am so pissed. As soon as I complemented this game it went fascist and cut off my access. So many people care about nothing but money that I'd rather not give anyone a penny for the rest of my life. I only do business with exactly one business, and I try to keep that to a minimum, because I don't like them either. People are such fascist whores, fuck the global economy, all of it. If I had a farm I'd be tempted to forget this worthless world exists.

Classy Lemon, when I said "stay classy", I didn't mean engage in class warfare and side with fascists. I am very disappointed in you. May you be turned into lemonade.

That's how it works for other games I've bought here. Itch can check if I paid and how much, and you can upload newer versions here that I can then download (if the price I paid is high enough). 

That's great to hear!