Changes for the future

0.6 is coming this Saturday as long as nothing goes horribly wrong. Hope you're as hyped as I am!

With that said, I'm in a position where I have to make some changes for my future releases. Version 0.7 is planned to be the end of Season 1, and it's also when I plan to release the Steam version, which will include updates 0.1 through 0.7. In order to comply with Steam's fair pricing, I will no longer be able to do public releases. As such, 0.6 will be the last update I release for free, all content until then will remain available but any future content will require a $5 pledge on Patreon OR by purchasing the game here on Itch.

Here on Itch it will have more of an early access release. I will keep it free up to version 0.5 or 0.6, but after that you'll need to pay a one time fee which will give you access to all future content.

I hope you understand my reasoning for this change, hopefully it can enable me to create this stuff full time!

So what will happen after Season 1 finishes? Nothing big in particular. I might take a longer break but after that I'll keep working on updates as usual.

Feel free to DM me anywhere if you have any questions. Cheers, take care!

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Um I kind faced problem when game season 1 to season 2 it problem if one uses an Android phone?

I'm glad you're able to get this game to a wider audience.

Bummer about the free change, as I'm not sure I could afford to pay right now. This has been the best of these games I have played. The humor is on point. Only game I can bust a gut and bust a nut within just a few minutes.


So we can only play games if we worship the Federal Reserve? May every Steam employee die of gluttony.


I already paid you even when it was free. You make a good game, keep on doing it.


Bro, you're definitely gonna be able to create these games full time, you're great at what you do, I'd have to look for some pirated game sites unfortunately tho but still all the best to you.


Sounds fair to me your stuff is awesome :)

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I have a good time to this VN, i understand and i always keep supporting you Classy Lemon!

And will be back if i can do my own needs but that's another story if maybe i can or can't go back to this beautiful VN.

Never say goodbye, but don't know if i can, go back. 



All sounds reasonable to me.


well free was good while it lasted, the game is really good, hope you make good money from it ! well deserved

₍˄·͈༝·͈˄*₎◞ ̑̑  (=^▽^=)👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🤓🤓🤓


Best of luck, its fair and good value for the money.


No more free???? That's a shame.


Steam doesn't allow free releases anywhere else if I'm selling it on their platform

I see, well still good luck with it 👍

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How would Steam know???

And why do they care?

It's called "capitalism" and the sick-minded way to see any "concurrence" where there isn't, and dictate life because they have more money than the rest of us.

But it's why there is our friends the pirates, to propose many the stuffs to the poor that can't pay (but will if they had enough money to eat and live in the first place).

So, no real change in fact, we just have to thank Classy_Lemon to tells us how we'll have to do things next.

Well, instead of going for piracy you could also pay Classy_Lemon here as well instead of just pirating it - I mean, the man has to pay for stuff as well, no ?