Patch 1.0

The game is now complete. Thank you to everyone who's supported me during its development.

- Continuation and ending of the main storyline. Just load your latest save.
- Two endings with multiple variations.
- 7.5 new sex scenes.
- 2 new cutscenes.

Hope you enjoy. Cheers and take care!

Files 2 GB
Version 5 Apr 23, 2022 2 GB
Version 5 Apr 23, 2022
AfterTheInferno-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 2 GB
Version 5 Apr 23, 2022
com.classylemon.aftertheinferno-release.apk 532 MB
Version 5 Apr 23, 2022

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I just want to say, that the game and story you made is very refreshing. From all the visual novels out there, very few have unique assets and animations. The story was intriguing throughout my entire playthrough. I loved meeting all the characters and thoroughly enjoyed my time playing. I don't know if you plan to make a second game as a continuation or any at all but I am happy to have played your game. Thank you so much for making it.

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Thanks man, glad you like it! Im working on a new project right now so keep a lookout!

I'll be looking forward to it!