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damn them eyes bigger than tennis balls


Literally first I've heard of it


The contrast between the realistic skin textures and the giant anime eyes on the women is...honestly pretty jarring. Not a great style choice.


Literally the first I've heard of it

Hahaa. But then you have people who want 5' girls with 20" waists and 34" triple D tits... lol. Which is more realistic, chestnut eyes or gigantic tits on a suoer petite girl?


I liked the game very much. The main story is interesting and sex is not the main element, it is used where necessary. Like other games, there are no sex scenes per minute, which makes sex scenes more valuable. Exactly what I wanted and very realistic. the story flows and there is as much sex as in real life.

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Do you plan to ever make a sequel following Devran and The Steelgarde again? I'd love if you do; maybe have a choice beginning scene to choose what you chose in this game.

Bruh...I pissed myself...Thanks again, πŸ‘.


I just wanted to come here and say the story in this game has been one of the most engaging and interesting I've read in any adult game. I usually just skip through the vast majority of these things but I found myself actually slowly reading everything here and enjoying the story just as much as the xxx scenes. Good job here. 


Really glad to hear that, thanks!


I finished the game on Steam and it was masterfully written! Loved the story and how the characters were introduced and built! 

Just finished playing this fantastic game. One of the best I've seen so far. I hope there's a sequel someday.


This game really is a treausure! It's funny, exciting, magical and has a whole lot of heart. 

It's probably one of the best NSFW games I've played so far. Thank you so much for making it :)

Is there NTR ?


is this game is complete?

Yes, it's complete


is their going to be a 2nd game?


It's possible but I don't know yet. Right now I'm focusing on my new project

Great im already finished your game , everything's  good ..grafic is good know...those girls characters..well im just be honest with you .. a man character was alright but why tho the girls eyes is scary af..πŸ˜‚ sometimes it ruined my feelings for the story...but still the game have a good done so far ..tq ; )


Cheers. Do give my new game a try, the girls have normal eyes there!

I lived the eyes, personally. It really set it apart from other styles.


Top notch world building, excellent writing. Suggestion for next game, maybe to plan the plot out so the ending doesn't feel rushed with loose subplots.


After 14 hours of play and the good ending reached, i can say this game is really really good, especially the story. 

It would be nice to have a hint-system for gallery but that's the only point i had. 

I will follow your next project (if that's not your last). Good job for this one and good luck for the next !

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Why? WHYY IS THIS GAME SO FUCKING UNDERRATED??  Damn I love this game, it's hella good, the voice acting and cut scenessss, fuck these are too good. 

Tho Kyra got real big eyes and I wonder if the fate of my mercenary friends at the beginning of story can be changed.

Also, for some reason I can't restart the game, like I wanna start from the beginning again but I can't


Had to simply create an account in order to freely say of the fact of how this game was simply amazing. Every detail within this story just felt amazing to experience and I'm only part way into the story itself. 

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

You ought to release this demo on Steam. I have wishlisted your game after playing this demo and I'm sure that others would also do so.

This isn't a demo, it's the full game.

I stand corrected. Are you going to put this on Steam in early access in the near future???

The full game is being released for free next Saturday

Super. Thanks

smooth graphic and good story.recommend itπŸ‘

is there goona be more?

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Eventually is the plan but right now I'm focused on my new project.

Amazing game and I absolutely loved it but will there be more? As in more stuff to do with this setting you have created?

Hye just wondering but will something bad happen if i try to play the windows download on my phone using joiplay? Asking this since i noticed renpy in the tags so i wondered if something bad's gonna happen

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Hey, I can't say for sure but I do believe people have used joiplay in the past and I don't believe there has been any problems. There is an official Android version in the downloads section however.

What an amazing game, interesting story and characters, on android too which I appreciate a lot. The writing is simple yet engaging and, although short, nothing feels rushed. Sexual encounters do not feel too unbelievable because of the setting, I'm really looking forward to whatever project is next, great job!


Thank you! Much appreciated! :)

Hello, I am reaching to you again after playing the entire game. I am standing behind what I've said already, story and characters are all very well written and even the unusual face proportions is something you can get accustomed to quickly. But personally, and I don't mean anything against you, I see a lot of unfulfilled potential in this story which could've continued, mapping Steelgarde's and other characters' lives and fates more thoroughly, as well as the war. You have spent an awful lot of time introducing your own world and its geography, religion and detailed history to us only to kind of rush through the story that could've been developed into a great saga. It's kind of shame to see it end rather quickly. But again, this is nothing against you, all stories must come to an end and I have enjoyed your game. I thank you for that and I am looking forward to your next project. :)

I've played quite a few games in the NSFW section and this is by far THE BEST! The story is amazing, the characters, the graphics. EVERYTHING! I'm looking forward to the next update!

I just did a replay to unlock remaining memories and cutscenes...I didn't realize how much YOUR CHOICES REALLY MATTER!!!! Damn dude..

Mind sharing what secrets you unlocked?

a certain someone can die.

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I don't understand why there is such a difference between male and female eyes size it'd be fine if both genders had larger eyes or both had normal but them both being different mildly confuses me and bothers me. It makes me curious about different biological differences.... Story wise great game.

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Hello there. First things first, great game, quite different from almost anything findable on this site, and I like the story so far. Animated cutscenes also add a lot to this game, once again, it's something that puts you above many projects. Overall, great job. And since I work on a fantasy medieval novel for almost 4 years now this immediately caught my attention. :D Maybe you'll inspire me a bit too. Someone can call this an unusual source of inspiration, but hey, we are just human beings and the fact that this game is NSFW doesn't mean it can't have a great story and solid characters just like this one.

(If you're scratching your head now because of my source of inspiration, I can assure you, I don't write 50 Shades of Medieval. :D And if you scratch your head because of my English, I am not a native speaker. I learn English since I was a child, but I know I am not fluent.)

The only thing I'd like to mention, and it might be my personal opinion, is Aymee. It's nothing about her story or character, but in some renders, I have quite a disturbing feeling looking at her. Something about the proportions of her face seems quite off to me. I think notably the eyes, especially if you look at the scene you put here on Imo, her eyes are disturbingly big compared to the overall proportion of her face. On the other hand, in the trailer, she looks normal to me. Again, this might be just my personal opinion and I know this is impossible to change now, I am just trying to give a tip for future here.

Hey, glad you like it! All the girls have bigger than normal eyes, it's not just Aymee. It's a design choice that's received a rather mixed reception so it's something I have to reconsider for my next game.

Played the 0.5 on Android.

First of all, congratulations. You have a fine project on your hands. I do have some points to consider:

1 I almost missed the memory thing several times. If it's something really important maybe make it harder to miss it.

2 I dont think the map is really adding to the game. My experience was a linear story, but i had to waste time looking for the location to trigger the next event.

3 Theres a lot of waiting (story-wise) in between the events of a character story that makes all the stories able to happen in parallel, which makes more sense.

Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback. Taking it all into consideration!

is the Player avatar genderlocked?

You can only be male in this game

Outstanding! This should be the standard for AVN's

I played it right now, and im speechless. One heck of a game!!! A Lot of potential, not just a normal visual novel, the animation, plot, setting. Amazing. Keep up the good work and goodluck!!!


Holy shitake mushrooms Batman! I admit I have a list of like 30 or so VNs I keep an eye on, but this is going straight to the top of the list. Best voice acting I've heard so far, best animated scenes I've ever seen from a small creator, and a story that gradually hooked me.

Will there be a steam release?


There are no plans for a Steam release right now. Might change though


genuinely this is the most coherently put together romance VN ive ever engaged with. I wont even call it a game, this was an Experience and i look forward to seeing its further development. 

Thank you so much!

This game is really well made looking forward to playing more. Props to everyone thats involved great animations and full on cutscenes and VA work surprised me. Bravo

I haven't downloaded it yet, but I saw the trailer and I know its super good. Goodluck!!! Well im downloading it right now.

serdecznie polecam

This game is kinda unique form others

Keep up the good work man, game looks great and has a lot of potential. Also a big keeps happening on the android version that it keeps crashing after about 15 minutes

I'll take a look at that issue, thanks!